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Engineer. Professor. Mom. Poopologist. 


The Manure Lady

Research and outreach supporting producer practices that optimize agronomic and economic outcomes in an environmentally sustainable way.

Animal, human, and environmental health are interconnected, each one impacting the others. That is why the Manure Lady/Schmidt Lab team is focused on identifying and promoting the best animal production and manure management practices to support a healthy and resilient environment, the

the well-being of livestock and poultry, and the health and safety of food producers and consumers.  


Research and outreach by The Manure Lady’s team are focused on evaluating the impacts of animal production practices on manure characteristics, identifying conservation practices to minimize potential risks associated with land application of manure to cropland and building nationwide extension capacity to address potential human health risks associated with manure handling and utilization. 

The Manure Lady's team promotes sustainable animal production with outreach to promote the use of manure as a valuable, locally available nutrient source, research to improve the resource efficiency of animal production through innovative management strategies, and research to evaluate agricultural "waste" products for new applications. 

Ensuring the sustainability and resilience of natural resources and agricultural systems requires beginning with the end in mind. Sustainable practices are those that support current efforts without compromising future needs. Innovative practices and programs to capture value from manure, improve cropland resilience, and motivate recycling of locally available manure nutrients prior to importing manufactured fertilizers are the focus of The Manure Lady and her team.  

Safe animal production

Sustainable animal production

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